Bucks and Spurs
Handduk 50x70, Egyptisk Bomull.

Handduk 50x70, Egyptisk Bomull.

Fantastisk kvalitetsprodukt till ett superpris! 100% Ekologisk bomull av bästa kvalitet.

The Spirit of the Nomad Collection is a range of Linen & Towels made from 100% hand picked organic Egyptian cotton. Woven to the highest global standards of luxury linen.  5 star hotel quality for comfort and longevity produced by world class weavery.
All white for simple structure in your cabinet and uniform look in the house.
Make life easy with best of best quality and one style linen for all your rooms!

Tillverkad i 100% Egyptisk Bomull av bästa kvalitet. 700Gram. Tvättas i 60°C. OEKO-TEX Standard 100
185 SEK